the bomb is back

when i was a child there was a thing
ugly nasty hurtful dreadful thing
that kept me up at night

and when i close my eyes
all i can see is the light of a thousand suns through my lids
and then baby when i open them again

my whole town is a total mess
all i can smell is the burning flesh
contrails of a counter-strike left painted on the skies above the pentagon

the bomb is back

will you be ready when the flash comes?
duck and cover girl, there's no need to run
cause it will catch up to you, just like you learned in school
with or without the warning siren
if you hear the blast, baby that means that you've survived it
that you're still in the game, and lived to fight another day

the bomb is back

oh no, the heyday of the cowboy was so long
ago, .... Gabriela warned us, now her song is
unknown... everything they hide inside of those
silos... not a grain has touched in 20 years

the brick wall is falling, the kremlin is calling
and everything you've ever known is gone, gone, gone

who's afraid of the color red?
visions of hammers and gold sickles running through my head
but that's not the worst of it

MiG fighters flyin by ya, Z is for Zachariah
and the fallout from a blood red dawn it lasts
on and on and on and on and on............

the bomb is back

oh no

© 2012 Diojee.