sugar packets (part one)

it all started back in
1982, frank knox was rockin
jb enters and the girlies start jockin
all the kindergarten honies thinkin yo, that boy's the bomb
never mind the fact that i was cryin for my mom

to come pick me up cause this school shit sucks
you know i'm missin price is right, man, and press your luck
i need a reason to stay, you know i can't think of any now
then i met the girl, her name was jenny

jenny price, you know she kinda broke the ice
and she's givin me a taste of that kindergarten spice
all them alphabets and coloring, you know she's with me
oh yes, that blue dress, you know i will be

knee-deep in misery
when she moves out to texas and i move up the street

oh i can't help but wonder sometimes, sugar packets in my mind

next thing u know:
we're pickin up, hey we're movin out
well my folks split up but i never had a doubt
that i'd be back on a new scene, back in a big way
i learned some choice words from these kids around the way

oh no, no, no i tried them out on this girl named kerri
said, pretty sure she's the girl i's gonna marry child

she was the first girl i met, you know i stuck with her for years
love notes and lippin, and the girl interfered with my
dodgeball game, but i love her just the same
she had me steaming and a-dreaming and a-calling her name

roy's talking shit you know i need to protect her
slim goodbody on the reel projector
rikki tikki tambo in the library
my baby playing hangman on the apple IIe

put some gel in my hair, and spike it up everywhere
and everywhere i go you know my kerri's always there
hittin up the freeze tag and caterpillar smushin
blue jelly shoe and her pants are pedal-pushin

used to take her back in the woods
just to sample those 2nd grade goods
when 3rd grade comes around i'm feelin lonely
enter erin gutman and celina albertolli

oh i can't help but wonder sometimes, sugar packets in my mind

she had dark hair, and brown eyes
cinderella baby, you know that erin specialized
in keeping me on the phone when dinner bells are ringin
9 o'clock bedtime, the girl she had me singin said:

good night sweetheart but it's time to go
party all the time in the style of Cameo

because we all be wisner rockin, gilbert byron keeps talkin
mr. price keeps moppin, betty brady keeps gawkin at the
garbage pail kids that we're tradin and we're wearin
i'm Junky Jeff and my baby's Tearin' Erin

i got a cross around my neck, and a key
and the longest rat tail that this school has ever seen
saturday nights we'd hit the skate station
my girlfriend erin in steady violation of

the rules of prepubescent hotness on the floor
sure i got a jimmy, but i don't know what it's for
and back behind this fence in this spot she led me to
she was the first girl to whisper, 'hey jeff, i love you'

oh i can't help but wonder sometimes, sugar packets in my mind
sometimes i stop the tape and rewind, sugar packets in my mind

© 2012 Diojee.