once again

once again i've had my doubts
you had your chance to call me out
welcome to the days of silicone
'91 has come and gone but you're still holding on

you try so hard to stand tall
as they plug away at amiable, yeah
sarah sauri and e. gutman
mr. langley don't make them tell you once again

that thought is dead

once again i don't know how
we dropped the ball on the right here / right now
get john lennon on the phone, and ask him
what was he singing when he and paul had come to blows?

i bet you have a thing or two to say
about the state of the world today
12 years gone, but the time is now again
have you let it go, have we finally seen the end?

that thought is dead

i've made my way letting me be me
it's a 90's reebok philosopy
lenny baby, tell me what can i do?
that ain't no brother, man, that's romeo blue

and that thought is dead

© 2004 Diojee.